Workshops Overview

I try to bring you another point of view on your body, challenge you in MOVEMENT, STRENGTH and CONTROL of it.

WORKSHOPS are open to anyone interested in body work.  For inquires about workshops please contact me here.



Olympic weightlifting workshop

Learn how to identify and correct movement faults in Olympic-style weightlifting from the physiotherapy point of view! This workshop is for trainers, therapists, weightlifters, crossfiters or any other enthusiast athlete wishing to improve technical proficiency of the lifts and overall athletic performance!

Squat workshop

Learn how to squat optimally ( respecting individual structure) with breaking plateaus safely!

Better movement Workshop

-Improving Movement and Preventing Injury-

Quality of movement is crucial in order to perform to your full potential whether you are an athlete, yogi, martial artist or a weekend warrior.

This full day hands-on workshop is designed to give you understanding of how to improve your movements.

workshops Overview

When What Where
Autumn 2018 | 8 weeks course Mobility Training Zenit Yoga, Trondheim
15.6.2018 Mobility training for yoga Zenit Yoga, Trondheim
7.4.2018 Mobility for Powerlifting KK 67 Trondheim
Autumn 2017 | 5 weeks course Mobility for Olympic Weightlifting Nidelv Vektløfting, Norway
9.9.2017 Injury Prevention for Olympic Weightlifting Tysvær Vektløfting, Norway
7.2.2016 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit Flekkefjord, Norway
28.5.2016 Body Maintenance For Musicians Gnesin’s Academy of Music, Russian
28.2.2016 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit HomeTown, Czech Republic
23.7.2016 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit Zilina, Slovakia
23-24.1.2016 | 2 day event Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit Haugesund, Norway
22.7.2017 Better Movement Workshop Crossfit NewPark, Czech Republic
21.2.2016 Mobility preparation for olympic weightlifting Valhallagym, Czech Republic
18.3.2016 Squat Clinic Workshop Crossfit Innate, USA
16.4.2016 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit Cygnus, Mexico
16-17. 7 2016 | 2 day event Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit New Park, Czech Republic
11.6.2016 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Valhallagym, Czech Republic
03.12.2016 Body Maintenance for Musicians Trondheim Solistene, Norway
15.9.2015 Olympic Weightlifting Workshop Crossfit Fire City, Singapore


Marianne Nervik
Thank you very much for a great and knowlegeble workshop in Haugesund. I really got to know my bodies weaknesses – and you have given me the tools to work with it and fix it! I have already improved my teqnique in backsquat. Great teaching, you really have passion in what you do! I recomend this for everyone who cares about their bodies and still want to have normal function when they get older. Can’t wait to see you at the next workshop!

CrossFit Haugesund ved Rune Hummelsund
Lubomir besøkte oss 23-24 jan. 2016. Det var en fantastisk lærerik og givende helg. Alle deltakerne var meget fornøyde og lærte en masse nyttige ting om seg selv og kroppen samt muligheter til å å bli enda bedre. Lubomir forklarer meget godt og følger alle nøye opp. Dette kurset er for både utrente og trente, for de med mindre erfaring og mye erfaring. Kurset passer absolutt alle. Dette er det beste kurset vi har tilbudt våre medlemmer og trenere. Anbefales på det sterkeste.
Vi gleder oss allerede til nye kurs med Lubomir. Mvh Rune Hummelsund

Henny Marie Sætran
Tusen takk for en innholdsrik og lærerik helg!
Jeg har vært på flere lignende workshops, men dette var i øverste klasse. Man trenger ikke å kunne mye på forhånd. Alt blir godt forklart.
Jeg deltok på to-dagerskurset og anbefaler dette på det varmeste.

Amanda Tonna
Hi Lubo,
the body is amazing .. .and you showed us many amazing ways how to use it this weekend.
I would suggest this course to everyone!!!

Dag Rønnevik (Tysvær Vektløfterklubb)
Veldig bra Workshop!!
Samtlige deltakere på kurset hadde nytte av kurset. Absolutt alle har gitt positive tilbakemeldinger og det skal det mye til for å få med tanke å hvor forskjellig utgangspunktene var. (Alt fra ungdom til veteran.)
En hver klubb som ønsker fremgang og lite skader bør absolutt ta dette kurset. For å bli best må en ha minst mulig skader slik at en får kontinuitet i treninga. Her er fasiten.

Heine Børgesen
Pure gold and immediately useful! I really got to know my deficeincies and how to correct them.
I know now what i have to work on in the long run and also some nuggets and pearls for my next PR attempt
Thanx ALOT!
Best regards,
Heine Børgesen

Christer Hagerup Nilssen
Takk Lubomír Kafoněk for en fin dag, og takk til dere som var med i dag:-)
Da har vi hatt 2 timer m teori på olympisk vektløfting.
2 timer med mobility issues og tiltak praksis.
2 timer med div løft praksis
Kjempenyttig alt i hop. Mye aha innen mobilitet, og mekanikker.
Du kommer til å bli stor

Jon Erlend Gustad
Really interesting seminar with both theory and practice. Really liked the mobility part. Learned a lot and got increased motivation.

Tonje Juberg
I have only been training oly for some months, so this seminar helped me a lot for my further training. I am overwhelmed by all of Lubomirs knowledge, not only in olympic lifting, but theory and practice overall. I will also take many of his mobility drills in good use. I left really inspired and eager to get home and get better at it. Thank you Lubomir for such a fascinating course!

Kristian Lundstad Stavik
This was absolutely something I will use to my customers and for my own training. Fantastic seminar ! Mobility and coordination from a different aspect combined with olympic weightlifting. I have been to 3 of your seminars now and I learn something new all the time. That says quite a lot about Lubomir ! Many details I haven't thought about . You got huge amount of knowledge in weightlifting . Thank you !

Sarah Mackenzie
Thank you Lubomir for such an interesting and insightful course this weekend. It was fascinating! I am left challenging my own current approach to weightlifting with increased self/body awareness as well as more technical confidence (a better understanding of what makes a lift successful….or not). A delightful combination of “I not as bad as I thought” yet “there is still plenty to learn.” Im sure your advice and coaching cues are definitely going to result in more kgs on the bar.
Your enthusiasm and passion for human movement was clear for all to see and I would encourage anyone with an interest in weightlifting (athlete, cross fit, novice etc) to seek out Lubomir expertise. This guy is a master in his field with a diverse range of skills, a solid foundation of experience and education….and most importantly, a genuinely nice person with a good coaching eye. Highly recommended.