Hi and welcome on my page!

My name is Lubomir Kafonek, I come from Czech Republic but for last couple of years I'm based together with my wife and daughter in Trondheim, Norway.

Kinesthetic Skills is my dream project which is allowing me to combine, develop and share my skills within physiotherapy, exercise physiology and coaching.

Through the K-Skills I offer number of different workshops with focus on movement patterns analysis, mobility improvements, movement awareness and performance enhancing.

Kinesthetic skills ; [Greek: kīnein - to move; aísthēs(is) - to feel]

Work Experience

  • Kinesthetic skills physiotherapy clinic- offering treatments and consultations to athletes and general public

  • Cooperation with Norwegian and Latvian youth national teams of Olympic Weightlifting (designing mobility tests, movement patterns testing, rehabilitation ).

  • Workshops for Crossfit boxes and Olympic Weightlifting clubs, overview here

  • 2 years of training with Czech National Team of Olympic Weightlifting in Prague

  • Crossfit Trondheim: Teaching Olympic Weightlifting, Mobility Classes, Rehabilitation

  • Trondheim Atletklubb (TAK), Norway : Assistant of coach, coach, classes | workshops for olympic weightlifters

  • Trondheim Aikidoklubb: Assistant for Aikido classes for kids from 6-9 years


  • University of Science and Technology NTNU Trondheim, Norway; Medical Faculty Master of Science (MSc) in Exercise physiology in Sports science, title of thesis: Strength training and aging.

  • Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic; Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Physiotherapy Department Bachelor (Bc) in Physiotherapy

Post-Uni Education 

  • Applied Kineziology – Neurodynamic stabilisation

  • IMS, dry needling

  • Timani technique, course for musicians development

  • Referee in Olympic Weightlifting (NVF-Norges Vekt. Forbund)

  • Olympic Weightlifting Trainer I (NVF)


  • Started strength training when 14 years old

  • Actively been doing table tennis, boxing, athletics, Aikido

  • Competitive level in Olympic Weightlifting